FLUX Art Lab is a project aimed at establishing a space where art and science can collaboratively thrive, with the goal of fostering forward-thinking and solution-oriented culture. It encompasses interdisciplinary events that combine art, technology, science, and music, focusing on ecological and sustainable urban development. FLUX Art Lab provides an inspiring gathering space for young talents from various universities with backgrounds in technology and the arts. Under the guidance of the FLUX team, they can navigate the increasing complexity of problem-solving creative processes, with support in methodological knowledge and practical experience. This applies to the development of exhibitions, artworks, product designs, and innovation projects that incorporate the latest technologies and materials.

The project originated as an initiative of el Patrol, an agency specializing in art and science concepts. FLUX is now governed by a non-profit organization based in Switzerland.

To learn more about the project, please visit: www.fluxartlab.com


FLUX Art Lab will continue to grow, develop, and evolve over the years. Regardless of its size, the project will always require a space where people can gather, initiate discussions, and foster engagement. The objective is to create an art space capable of accommodating working offices, as well as various exhibitions, seminars, and events.

To ensure maximum flexibility, shipping containers are used as modular units for a temporary structure. This sustainable solution enables adaptation to changing circumstances and integration into existing structures and institutions. The project's customizable office and center are designed to support urban development and can contribute to the revitalization of unused urban areas.

Constructing the space from recycled containers not only offers cost-effectiveness and flexibility compared to conventional solutions, but it also makes a statement about the project's dedication to art and eco-friendly innovation.