What if Murakami's superflat theory was merged with mythology and the apocalyptic present of western civilization to explore the dimensions of femininity?

KAKI is the signature character of artist Zoé Farac, guiding the collective on a multidimensional quest to uncover the "missing part" of modern womanhood. The journey delves into alchemical processes aimed at fusing intellect, sexuality, and spirituality into a new whole. To unravel this enigma, the collective blends references from diverse cultural backgrounds and historical eras while also pushing the boundaries between the invisible, visible, tangible, and manipulable worlds.

1D The Unseen realm

Pop culture, symbolism, myths, traditions and representations tell about the civilizational understanding of the female principle. Through the comparison, parallels as well as the distortion can be crystallized, and appear as recurring motifs in the project.


2D - The visible

Intensive research into the various (pop) cultural concepts of femininity gives rise to a two-dimensional image of the young, still inexperienced love goddess Venus, taking on the modern form of the character Kaki.

3D - The tangible realm

Kaki evolves from prints and two-dimensional video art into a sculpture in the real world, becoming a tangible object. On her journey to becoming a subject, in various installations the character interacts with the abandoned second dimension.

4D - The malleable realm

Add the fourth dimension, time, and the circle closes where cultural studies, history, and imagination combine. It becomes apparent that none of these categories can be considered in isolation. The creative power of imagination breathes life into Kaki in a feature-length animated film. 

The work references philosophy, symbolism and mythology cloaked in the language of pop culture, offering a wild ride through a bleak future scenario reminiscent of Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" on LSD. Following the science fiction genre's pattern, the film simulates current social and political developments up to its conclusion, while caricaturing the prevailing zeitgeist. In the setting of a near future, Kaki thus comes into contact with the current environment as she tries to find her place in the dystopian world. In her search for the "missing part" and the discovery of her own femininity, she stumbles upon a possibility to bring an end to the apocalyptic nightmare…